Is There A KBB for RVs and Trailers?

When you decide to sell your RV or trailer, find out how much it is worth first.

There was a Kelley Blue Book that covered trailers, motorhomes and vans long ago. It’s no longer the case. You can still find RV values to help you buy or sell an RV.

  • Why there isn’t a Kelley Blue Book for Trailers & Campers
  • Which websites offer the most value?
  • How to determine your worth
  • Selling a used vehicle is best done at the end of its useful life.
  • Who wants to purchase a used RV?

What happened to the Kelley Blue Book for Trailers and Other?

Be sure to determine the actual value of your RV or travel trailer before you put it up for sale. You might find inaccurate information by searching motorhome websites for hours.

To help determine RV values, the Kelley Blue Book Guide used previously to publish an RV/travel trailer edition. They now only publish an auto value guide book. There are other options. These are some of the options available to increase RV and travel trailer value.

National Automobiles Dealers Association offers pricing guides and models comparisons on its website, Pricing Guide and Trader.

Alternative Pricing and Value Guides

NADA Price Guide and Value Guide

The NADA RV pricing guide and value guide are the closest comparable pricing guides to the Kelley Blue Book. It’s today’s Kelley Blue Book, for motorhomes and trailers as well as vans, trucks campers, vans, and pop up trailers.

I love the National Automobiles Dealers Association RV Pricing Guide. It is the easiest way to find RV values. NADA also provides the most accurate prices for travel trailers and RVs.

  1. Select the type of RV that you are interested in.
  2. Please indicate the manufacturer of your unit.
  3. Check out the following models, years, and body styles.
  4. You can check their current value and price.

NADA has the most current value guide information for most manufacturers. Some are not. If you want to find out more about a Coachmen model made after 2009, the Forest River website will direct you back.

Price Checker by Trader

RV Price Checker by RV Trader is easy to use. You can get a value on all makes and models of RVs.

The RV values can be shared by revealing the highest, lowest, and average RV value according to the Trader classified ads.

If you’re only looking for a general price, this website is able to help. The NADA Pricing and Value Guide offers more detailed information and details about RV construction. You can add additional features to your RV or travel trailer, as well as current mileage. This will give you a more precise value.

Selling a used trailer or camper?

You now know how much your RV or trailer is worth. Here are some tips to help you sell it at the highest possible price.

Unfortunately, RV and automobile depreciation follow each other. As soon as the RV leaves the dealer, it depreciates. It is therefore difficult to sell RVs at a price that is close to their original sale price.

Here are 5 ways to sell your RV at the best price.

1. The Right Time to Sell

The price people pay for your RV or travel trailer depends on how you decide to sell it.

You may feel ready to sell your unit right away, even though you have spent the summer camping in it.

If your RV or travel caravan is not specifically designed or equipped for winter travel, you should wait until next spring before you post it.

This is when people begin to think about buying an RV or trailer for their summer travel plans. People will be willing to pay more to get out and exploring sooner because of this.

2. Maintain your trailer or vehicle in good condition

It is obvious that this is important. However, it is also crucial to consider the cost of your travel trailer or RV as well as the overall value.

Prospective buyers of an RV or travel trailer used will be looking for signs of potential problems to lower the price.

Make sure your RV or travel trailer is free from mold, water damage, dents or other damages. Do a walkthrough of your RV or travel trailer in the role of a potential buyer to determine if there are any issues.

These problems will be noticed by potential buyers, who will then either decide not to buy your RV or trailer, or will attempt to lower your price.

If you decide to purchase another RV or Travel trailer, keep in mind the possibility of selling it. Also, make sure to maintain the RV/travel trailer in top condition.

3. Take the time to deep clean

Okay, I’m now aware that deep cleaning any RV or travel trailer, even one that has been tracked dirt in for many months, or even years, is not a favorite task.

You should also make sure you have enough time to clean your RV or trailer. You should dedicate at least one full day cleaning if you want to sell your RV or trailer for the highest possible price.

When cleaning your RV or travel trailer, make sure you get into all the nooks and corners that may have been secretly storing dirt all along.

This is a good time to note any minor damages you find before you sell your RV.

It is a good idea to hire a professional cleaner if you are ready to sell your RV/travel trailer within the next week.

Remember that even though your RV or travel trailer may appear cleaner than it actually is, hiring a professional cleaner will add cost to your sale.

It is important to make as much profit as possible by selling RVs and travel trailers.

4. You can stage the Travel Trailer or Stage the Stage

Ever wonder why there are so many beautiful décor and furniture at an open house?

You might have an idea of where your furniture should be placed if you enter an empty house. You will feel more at home if there is furniture already in place.

This same principle applies to RVs and travel trailers.

Before you take photos of your RV, travel trailer, or other vehicle, set up the table and make sure all the beds are made. Also, keep some items in the cabinets.

People will be more willing to pay for an RV or travel trailer that is staged if they have the opportunity to see what it would be like to live there.

5. Decide who you are selling to

The most important thing you should consider when selling an RV or travel trailer, is WHO it will be sold to.

It is possible to post your travel trailer or camper online, but it will likely result in a higher price and take longer to sell.

Visit a dealer if you need to quickly get your RV/travel trailer off your hands.

While selling an RV or travel trailer to dealers is faster than posting it online, you will get much less than what you had hoped for.

If none of these options appeal to you, you might consider putting a genuine “For Sale” sign on the window. It is certain that someone will see it and be interested!

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